History of The Shiv Linga

(The History below was originally written in Devnagri/Hindi, by Late Bajrang Lal Somani, in the year 1997-1998. This is the translation of same.)

This temple is 194 years old. Due to social disturbance twice the Idols were broken, still Shree Murlidhar Santholia set up small Idols and restarted the Idol worship but the resident of the lane in front of the Temple, the Seal family, particularly Manindra Seal had a request that the Idol of Lord SHIVA should be same as before thus the Idol worship was terminated and the Idol was shifted to 29B Zakaria Street where Pandit Purshottam Panda and his subordinates performed rituals for a short span of time.

Our family had also inhabited 8, Mandir Street in the year 1938. One morning Fida Hussain(Prem Shankar Narsi) who resided in the room exactly in front of mine in 1 Mandir Street, 2nd floor, he along with his friend came to me and said that our Country has become independent and the Temple is closed. Our society had been discussing about the reopening of the Temple and people mere requested to volunteer and make conditions favourable for its reopening. We also took the details of the situation from the Pandit and the Pandit even appreciated the request of the Bengali Family.

Shree Jabreshwar Mahadev MandirThe inspiration of Lord Shiva made us contact the people doing the business of marble and enquired about the cost of the Marble Idols. Out of those one image cost Rs. 10,000. I started looking after the financial department. I began collecting the money from the inhabitants of 8 Mandir Street and collected approximately Rs. 625/-. Shri Gangadhar ji Makhariya was contacted in the office of the Birla Brothers in 15 India Exchange Place and he donated Rs. 1200/- assuring to offer any future help.

Later Shri Radha Kishen ji Kanodia was also got in touch, he donated Rs. 400 and encouraged the working committee, several people were contacted from Bilas Rai Katra where I have my shop and achieved great encouragement which made us confident to order for an Idol.

The society began to discuss about the new image which was being bought, In the mean time Shri Devkinandan Mansingka became aware of the new idol, he stopped the process of buying of a new Idol in the midst and advised that a Huge Idol had been found in the farms of King of Burdwan, even the marble business men are trying to get it. We succumbed the order of the new Idol. The third day Shri Devki babu bought the idol in the lorry and kept it in the north side of the temple, it cost only Rs. 1300. The devotees requested that Shivratri was approaching at the end of the month so to set up the idol in the temple before Shivratri which will be very prestigious and the auspicious time for the starting of the work. The Idol was not ready yet so four to five labours were employed to give it a finishing touch. They were inspired by the God and they worked hard day and night and kept the Idol at its right place in the Temple.

The Idol weighed 53 tonne. After giving the finishing touch the cost came to be about Rs.1700/-. This way the cost of the Idol equaled to Rs. 3000/-. The Idol's significant feature is that it is made of stones found near the ocean. Now a days Idols of this material are not found and if found the cost is in lacs. In this work Shree Durga Dutt Surekha, Shree Motialal Dalmia, Shree Chotelal Rungta had given the support form the begning till the end.

As it was said earlier that the Idols were broken twice due to communal fights, the third time the Idol had been set up at the same place. At that time Shree Radheyshyam Tewari inspired by Goddess Saraswati said the word "Jabreshwar" at a glance. And that came to be known as the name of the Temple. The Idol was given life on the day festiving of Shivratri with lots of happiness and enjoyment. Now this Idol has finished its 50years and this year devotees are going to celebrate its Golden Jublee.

The question of every day expenses came to light. Shri Fida Hussain (Premshanker Narsi) got inspired by God Shiva and advised that we will perform a drama for one day in the Minerva theatre. The artists won't take any working charges. The expenditure will cost up to almost Rs. 350/- and said we have to be responsible for the selling of the tickets.

He suggested the name of two-three dramas but we liked the drama name 'Veer Durgadas'. In this manner the arrangements were stared and Rs. 15000/- were collected after selling the tickets. The artists were also very energetic and performed with great enthusiasm. The drama extended by 1 hr and at the end people started shouting 'once more once more'. The total expenditure came to be Rs. 2000/-. The balance money of Rs. 13000/- was deposited with the committee. The expenditure on the electricity etc was fulfilled by the interest on deposit for about 15 years. Apart from this if required the expenses were also carried out from the actual deposit. At last few years back after tallying the balance sheet the responsibility was handed over to the then and new committee members. In front as well as at the back of the temple there was no place to sit and it was not enclosed from walls which in turn proved to be problematic for the Pandits and the devotees to come and pray. Thus its construction became indispensable, That time Shree Devendra kr. Dutta was the councilor and Vijay Singh Nayar was the MLA. We presented our proposal in front of them. According to the situation they accepted the proposal and permitted the working to get started. The local police station was also made aware of this.

Shree Kishorial Goenka at that time stayed in 119B Chittaranjan Avenue and was getting a big house in Alipur. He was made to visit the Temple and was made aware of the present situation and he was requested that, as he was leaving the society on that note to preserve his memories to construct a marble platform around the God. He accepted the request and the very next day he asked his mistris to get the marble in a lorry and kept it in front of the temple. For the completion of this work, Shree Prabhuldayal ji Ghuwalewala took the responsibility and completed the construction overnight. His marble memories still present in the temple well preserved as before. When ever Shri Vijay Babu and Devendra Babu used to go to fight the Election, before leaving they used to seek blessings from the Lord SHIVA. There after when we started going to Victoria, the member listeners of the Victoria Satsang Parishad, supported the activities of the Temple.

Shree Rambilas Lakhotia used to look after the Accounts i.e. the income and expenditures of the temple. Shree Jagdish ji Nangolia, Puranmal ji Somani, Mannalal ji Lakhotia, Chandi Prasad Goenka, Mohanlal Maheshwari, the whole and soul of the temple use to give frequent advices and use to render full help in the Shivratri Mahotsav, Daridra Narayan Bhojan. Shree Prem Chand Saraf use to give regular support in the activities of the temple.

After that for looking after the temple decoration in a systematic way from time to time , new committee members from the community, who all during their respective working periods in their own ways were maintaining the temple. The arrangements of all the festivals were organized in a big way. Some of the big events were Shivratri, Shrawan Mahotsav and Janamaashtami whose expenditure was carried out by the blessings of the God, easily.

Today Shree Jabreshwar Mahadev Mandir has a specific place and has an Idol in front of who if we pray our wishes are fulfilled without any obstruction. The God looks after his devotees but here the devotees look after their God. The devotees are lucky that they get inspired by their God to take care of him. This is not a new task of a God, Lord Rama had given his own looking after work to his mother Kaushaliya and Lord Krishna to Mother Yashoda, thus this is a gesture of the God .

In the service & feet of Shri Jabreshwar Mahadev...

-Bajrang Lal Somani

* The above history is according to my knowledge and memory, there are many persons, whose name appear above have left for their heavenly abode, though their name has been qualified by Shree . If anybody's name has been missed out, it is purely unintentional and I apologize for the same

- In the words of Late Bajranglal Somani

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