Baba Gangaram

Lord Baba Gangaram selected Jhunjhunu, a district town of Rajasthan, as the place of His appearance and Safdargunj, in the district of Barabanki of Uttar Pradesh as His Karmabhumi(Place for Selfless Action).

Baba descended in this transitory world as incarnation of Lord Vishnu on the 10th light lunar day of the month of Shravana (Year 1895 A.D.), in the abode of Sri Jhutharamji and mother Laxmidevi, in the family of Vaishya dynasty. While at Jhunjhunu, Baba spread the doctrine of devotion and religious discourses and then left for Safdargunj. Apart from regular prayer, tarpan and other rituals, meditation at the bank of holy river Kalyani was one of Baba's daily ritualistic ceremonies. While at Safdarganj, manytimes, few fortunate followers of Baba had glimpses of Chaturbhuj Lord Vishnu in Baba's shadow, in the waters of holy river Kalyani. As such people gained some idea about His transcendental powers and divine glory. But as shastras describe that God prefers to dictate religious activities incognito, Baba prefered to manifest His spiritual games from Vishnulok. Hence, in the year 1938 A.D., Baba relinquished His human body beneath a banyan tree on the bank of river Kalyani and ascended to his own abode at Vishnulok. Safdargunj, now recognized as a place of pilgrimage, have the temple of Radhakrishna, consecrated by Baba, holy river Kalyani, holy Laxmi-well, dedicated Banyan tree, temple of Kunteswar Mahadeo and the mysterious Parijat tree.

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