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Shree Jabreshwar Mahadev Mandir
Shree Jabreshwar Mahadev Mandir
Shree Jabreshwar Mahadev Mandir
Date:  29-03-2015
Tithi:   Chaitra Shukla 9, Vikram Samvat 2072

With the golden words of Om Namah Shivaay, you are welcome to the heaven of Jabareshwar Mahadev Temple. The very word Jabreshwar Mahadev suggests, the Huge Idol of Lord SHIVA, which can be well termed as a "SHIVLINGA". Such a SHIVALINGA is placed in this Temple which justify the name Jabareshwar Mahadev Temple.

Along with Lord SHIVA other idols of different Gods and Goddess are also set up and worshipped in this Temple.

The temple is situated at 31, Zakaria Street, Kolkata - 700073, (West Bengal, INDIA), which lies at the junction of Zakaria street and Mandir street. Devotees from far away places come to this temple to offer their worship to and pray before Lord Shiva.

Here the devotees worship the God in their own ways, to get Lord Shiva's rays of blessings. The monolithic structure of Shiva Linga is about 5 feet above the ground level and is believed to be of same length embedded below the ground level also.

Karm, vikram, akarm sab ka swarup janana chahiye kyunki karm ki gati bhramit karti hai aur sahi karm karne se rokti hai