Hanumaan Jayanti

LORD Hanuman was born in the Treta Yuga, to Anjana, a female vanara and Kesari, a strong vanara. This birth was planned by the Supreme lord with a perfect idea in the mind. The combination of Vanara and the celestial gave Hanuman strength, divinity and quick wits - his main characteristics. Being Anjana's son, Hanuman is also called Anjaneya, which plainly means "arising from Anjana".

When Celebrated:

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated during Chaitra month(in between March-April).

Celebration by Devotees:

Devotees Visit to the Sri Hanuman Temple and Sri Ram Temple also and chant path of Hanuman Chalisa & Performed Aarti & Prasad.

Celebrations at Shree Jabreshwar Mahadev Mandir:

Shree Jabreshwar Mahadev Mandir is decorated with Lord Hanuman's Mand is built. Brahmin Vedic Pandits along with Devotees perform the non-stop path(reading) of Hanuman Chaalisa.

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